Sysinternals ShareEnum

Sysinternals ShareEnum

Sysinternals ShareEnum can list all the shared resuources in a Windows network
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Networking in a Windows system is very easy. But it may happen that people aren't careful about security. They might just share files and folders that are not intended for sharing. They might allow other users to modify the files in the shared folders, etc.

ShareEnum is the simplest way to view all the shared components in a Windows computer. It shows the share path, the local path, the domain, the access permissions, etc. There isn’t any advanced confusing information. It just shows the list of resources that others can get if we are in a network.

The problem with Windows is that even if it can show all the shared devices and folders in "My Network Places" or "Network" in control panel, it isn’t easy to set the security settings. If you have shared a lot of things, it really becomes difficult.

Only two functions - WNetEnumResource and NetShareEnum - of the Windows API are used by the program. They can show the computers within the domain and the shares on each system. The capability of the program is limited. Anyway, it is freeware. So you may have a try.

Zack Martin
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  • Compatible with all windows OS starting from XP
  • Freeware


  • Few features
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